Refresher Courses...

Keep up to date with the latest driving regulations & techniques with refresher driving lessons from A49 Driving Academy...

Throughout our working lives we regularly retrain and learn new skills to help us adapt to changes in jobs, circumstances and avoid getting out of practice. So to us here at A49 Driving Academy it makes perfect sense to apply the same ethic to our driving.

Whilst it’s widely known and accepted that newly qualified drivers are recommended to undertake the Pass plus course many fail to realise the importance of keeping our driving skills to an acceptable level.


Many people pass their test and can’t afford a car, or could have been away on business overseas for an extended period and may feel that a small amount of professional tuition could help restore their confidence to return behind the wheel, whilst many have a fear of motorways.

If that sound like you then a refresher course with A49 Driving Academy will be perfect for you.

We individually tailor each lesson to your specific needs, whether you have confidence issues or would just like to know you are as good as you believe we can easily put your mind at ease.

So contact us now for an informal chat and to arrange a drive if required.